Dear Human Hope:

September 23rd, 2014 by George Martorano

It is I ,George Martorano and I have been clinging to thee for oh so long . Thus, today I try, try and try; the start of 32- years, caged .

“The far away sound.The far away sound…..I and pen in the fourth-world night . Writing to strike hate. Writing for love. Writing less heart dies, fate killed…..Then I cry out ….. Go on George! Write WRITE! You must write!….. For time cheats mind, snaps the very spine of tears….. With hope and words, the happen comes ….. Yet alas, again I sit, the cursed son. There, in the dark corner of cell, head bent, hand crawls to ink….. You see, human hope. Long long ago they so so planned and prison came to this self. Came with little of dreams. Came to grind and grind….. No sun no moon no star just ugly day upon sorrow’s face….. Here, and I hear all. All alone…..The far away sound…..The far away sound….. Tis ‘ Hope’ ….. ”

I subscribe myself,
Prisoner- 12973
September 19th ,2014

Mud’s Brutal Beauty [ Act II ]

September 16th, 2014 by George Martorano

SCENE: The 2nd act opens….. More light directs to center stage. There, we see a makeshift structure of brown, earthen looking walls. There is a ladder up against the back wall. It is a simulation of a below-ground-bunker. A small place with few items: books, can goods, a few boxes of groceries on crooked shelves some buckets and a small hot plate upon the ground. Next to the hot plate is a wooden crate with 2 candles burning on it …. Lying on the ground on top of an old ,patched-up quilt,his hands secured in his own handcuffs also his ankles secured with plastic ties and facing the audience, is Officer Terry. He’s propped up against the back wall next to the ladder. With no shirt on, his ribs are wrapped in soiled cloth, also his head is wrapped. He’s unconscious. There with him, is, the girl of mud. She’s still covered in it. She squatting on the ground in bare feet preparing food on the hot plate with a stick; an old knife is sticking in the ground where she’s cooking…..Seems she tore a long slit up one leg on the old dress too.

OFFICER TERRY: [ slightly moves, comes awake with a moan ] ” Where, am I…..? ”

GIRL: [ Stirs the pot, chuckles ] ” Oh, you radioed, they never came.At least not that fast.Remember this is North Philly .Cops get wasted all the time up here.Your radio ‘s buried ,in parts. Your gun, I got. ” [ She picks up the gun ] ” I stabbed you. Don’t think I won’t shoot your ass…..” [ Lays down the gun next to her ]

OFFICER TERRY: [ Feels his head with his secured hands, feels the bandages ] ” My head, you you…..”

GIRL: [ Looks at him ] ” well, shit happens, getting you down here, you’re heavy. I guess I dropped you. Fuck, dragging you here was hard enough.” [ He feels his side, his back ] ” Don’t worry I got the glass out, you’ll live…..Hope you like soup.”

OFFICER TERRY: ” Dragged me where ? ”

GIRL: ” Well, had to do something if and I mean if they ever got there, your cop friends. I mean out there.” [ She points up ] “No, they won’t find you here. They’ll look all over North Philly. And…..”

OFFICER TERRY: [ Cuts her off ] ” But why did you attack me, I mean I was trying to help, now you’re a kidnapper. And…..”

GIRL: [ Grabs gun, points it at him ] ” Shut up, shut the fuck up! Why I attacked you? Cause I’m a fucking nut, that’s what you all think. After what I’ve been through. I, I just went crazy that’s all. You on the fuckin’ radio. I didn’t need another stay in the mental ward. They try to rape you there too. So, I dragged you through the vacant lots and here, here, so just shut up ! ” [ She puts gun down continues preparing the soup ]

OFFICER TERRY: “…..Here ? ”

GIRL: [ Looks at him, annoyed ] ” Yes, here’s my hideout, dug it myself had to, had to.”

OFFICER TERRY: “…..Had to ? ”

GIRL: ” Yeah, stop living in the house a while ago.Fuck those homeless shelters. Been down here, it’s safe.”

OFFICER TERRY: ” So you tend the garden, then at night down here ? ”

GIRL: [ Shakes her head yes, picks up gun again, she's cautious, hands him a small bowl of soup, no spoon ] “…..Here ”

OFFICER TERRY: [ In some pain reaches for bowl with both hands ] ” Thanks, thanks…..But how long you plan keeping me down here…. ? ”

GIRL: “Just eat the fuckin’ soup.”

SCENE: As Officer Terry slowly slurps the soup…..The girl holding the gun reaches for one of the buckets, it’s heavy…..She lays the gun near her and away from him…..Then, something amazing begins. The girl of mud begins washing herself, sponging herself slowly and somewhat sexy…..What unfolds before Officer Terry eyes, is a beautiful woman…..As the water cleanses so does it wet the fabric upon her tattered and torn dress with that slit up her leg and all revealing a very shapely body…..She’s so lovely that Officer Terry stops with the soup, and…..only stares…..As the goddess continues to reveal herself…..S.O. Of a dog barking in the distance above…..Quickly, she stops bathing, grabs the gun and steps near the ladder, near Officer Terry. She’s very tense…..Yet, with one sexy leg up on the ladder’s rung. And, Officer Terry lying there….. taking the sexy leg and her all in…..Strange moments now pass between the two .

OFFICER TERRY: [ Looking up at her ] “…..You’re beautiful.”

GIRL: [ Still looking above, still tense ] “…..What ? ”

OFFICER TERRY: “I said you’re beautiful…..What’s your name ? ”

GIRL: [ Feels the danger from above is gone..... S.O. the barking has faded away .....she looks down at him, pauses ] “…..Lorraine.”

SCENE: After revealing her name. Lorraine just goes back to the bucket, places the gun down…..Continues her sponge-bath.
…..While Officer Terry, still in awe….. his eyes eating her up…..

LORRAINE: ” Stop staring at me cop.”

OFFICER TERRY: ” Where else can I look ? ”

LORRAINE: [ Stares at him; puts the gun down next to her ; pulls the knife out of the ground ;blows out the candles.The bunker's dims of some light..... And she slowly steps to him ] “…..You hungry for something else cop? ”

OFFICER TERRY:[ tense ,looking at the knife she holds, lays the soup down, thinking , is death coming ] “…..What ? ”

SCENE: Lorraine stands before him. Her back to the audience. She quickly bends, cuts the plastic ties freeing Officer Terry’s legs; then quickly jams the blade to the hilt into the wall above him….. She yanks up the handcuffs, extending his arm up, hooking the handcuff-chain across to the blade. Looking down at him …..She steps back a little….. slowly begins taking down the top of her dress, there’s no bra. She has a lovely back, and there, we see a large tattoo down the length of her back. A strange tattoo of a woman’s high heel at the bottom of a crescent moon….. Then, joined with a rich colored light that beams right onto the tattoo, then fades…..Officer Terry shimmies his butt up more, wanting to sit up more, wanting to watch her every move…..Lorraine begins spreading his legs with her foot….. slowly. Then, kneels between his legs. She bends for his lips, her arms pressing his shoulders back, and they kiss….. kiss more…..And now, soft sighs venture forth from them both…..Now the bunker lights go entirely away…..Within the dark…..V.O. Of two strangers making love…..Aaah, and joined with the distant S.O. bark of a dog from above…..

[Intermission, for coming Third Act]

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973

Mud’s Brutal Beauty [ Act 1 ]

September 7th, 2014 by George Martorano

SCENE: Upon the stage in low eerie light. Sits a small, broken down home; more of a shack. The windows have little glass, mostly they are boarded up. The front door is battered up too; looking as if it has been repeatedly broken into. There are some cinder blocks for front steps. There is a small vegetable garden out front …..This sad vocation lies on a barren street, with debris laden vacant lots on both sides of the poor looking home . Surely, is a sad dwelling. The street itself has large pot holes. Has sidewalks of broken cement and weeds extending up here and there; the curves of the sidewalk are crumbling here and there. Also, there is a single street light near the garden. On the opposite side of the garden is an old street sign ,tilting down and the name on it is, “Mercy” …..In short time……A girl; what looks like a girl, comes from inside the worn-out home. She is wearing a torn and tattered filthy dress. In fact, she is filthy herself: her hair, face, arms and legs are covered in mud……She steps for the garden, goes down on her knees and begins to tend to the verging plants…..As she toils in the dirt with her hands….. S.O. of someone whistling…. Then, a young, fit, attractive police officer enters the stage; whistling a tune and swinging a night stick non-chalanlantly…..For he is walking his city-beat.

POLICE OFFICER: [ stops swinging his nightstick, stops whistling ,stops to talk ] “…..Hello, I’m Officer Terry. This is my beat, I mean, I just started today.”

SCENE: The strange, looking filthy girl…..Pauses, looks up at him…..And does not speak.

OFFICER TERRY: “There isn’t much this end of town, I mean, North Philly seems like it has been bombed out or something. Your house, it is your house? It’s the only one on this block.”

SCENE: After staring at him…..The girl just continues taking care of her garden.

OFFICER TERRY: “Looks like those plants need water, and…..”

GIRL: [ speaks to the dirt ] “My water’s cut off.”


GIRL: ” My electric too.”

OFFICER TERRY: “Well, I can fill out a report. Maybe the city will assist…. I believe there’s a program that ……”

GIRL: [ looks up at him quickly , cutting him off ] “Assist, assist what, what program, this is North Philly, nobody cares about North Philly, nobody !” [ and she just continues with her garden ]

OFFICER TERRY: [ doesn't know what to say ] “…..Ah, ah, your front door looks broken into.”

GIRL: [ Stops, looks at her front door ] “Yes, used to be a lot…” [continues her gardening]

OFFICER TERRY: “…..A lot?”

GIRL: [ still just talks to the ground while toiling ] “Yes, they use to break in, gangs I mean, rape me, take what little I had”

OFFICER TERRY: [ Shocked ] “Raped you! Who!?”

GIRL: [ Stands, yells ] “You think I like looking like this, look at me! Mud’s my protection! Who’d want to rape me now, who!?” [ and she starts to weep ]

OFFICER TERRY:[ confused, thinking she's crazy ] ” How can I help you, are you sick? Do you want to go to the hospital ? Just tell me how, how I can help you ?”

GIRL: [ Weeps, yet talks ] “How, how!….. You’re the first cop I’ve seen in years, years. When, when they did things to me and and my fuckin’ food stolen !…..Hey, how’d you find this street anyway !?”

OFFICER TERRY: [ points his nightstick the way he came ] “…..I, I just walked this way.”

GIRL:[ starts backing up slowly ] “You’re lost then! You don’t care ! You don’t fuckin’ care! ”

OFFICER TERRY: [ looks deeply at her ] “…..Maybe, I, yes a little lost, yes, but but I’ll need your name. I just want to make some sense of all this, it’s my job, my beat, look, you got problems. Just your name please. Do you have I.D. ? ”

GIRL: [ looks deeply back at him. Then, runs for the front door and into the house, yelling.... the front door remains wide open ] “Go away !….. Just go the fuck away !”

SCENE: Officer Terry stares at the front…..The way she went then disappeared ….. He then decides on something, sides his nightstick in the ring on his side and goes for his two-way radio, begins talking…..Yet, going nearer to the front door, but, turns his back slowly to the front door ; looks out to the street…..

Officer Terry :[ speaks into two-way radio ] “…. Officer Terry here , Officer Terry to desk Sergeant desk Sergeant., 10-4 10-4 come in ……”

V.O-S.O.[ two-way radio ] “….. Terry, desk sergeant here , I heard you 10 -4 …. I here you ,go ahead, 10-4″

Officer Terry : “I have an emergency assistance situation. I have a female covered in mud, living in an abandon home, she says she’s been raped by a gang…..Yes sir, yes sir, I understand……I ”

V.O.-S.O. [ two-way radio ] ” hold on a minute Terry,10-4…..”

Officer Terry : “…..I’ll hold, 10-4 ”

SCENE: As Officer Terry pauses in communicating with his superior; seemingly looking up at the tilted street sign; that word ‘Mercy’ on it ,suddenly, the sign gets beamed with some light ……….Then, the girl of mud “races” out the open front door!….. She’s holding a long piece of pointed glass! And, with a blood-curdling scream….!! Plunges the glass weapon into the unsuspecting back of Officer Terry !…..He succumbs to the ground,along with a cry of pain ! …..He is a “downed” officer.

V.O.-S.O. [ two-way radio grasped in Officer Terry's hand, blasting ] “Terry, are you there, 10-4 …10-4, Terry, are you there, come in, come in…. ?!”

SCENE: The girl of mud begins to back away from the downed officer…..Mumbling as she backs…staring down at him ….. Her hand has blood on it from the “killing glass”; half broken glass she tightly holds ….. The backs of her bare, muddy feet hit the front steps…..She turns and hurries inside…..Then,the hurt Officer Terry starts to move, starts to crawl accompanied by his moans….. Officer Terry try’s to reach behind him, for that piece of glass in his back…… Yet, he holds onto the two-way …..Across the stage…… he crawls, he struggles…..

Officer Terry: [ desperate, weakening, speaks into two-way radio ] “I’m down, down……Mercy street, Mercy, one house, crazy lady, mud mud, all mud …..”[ and he passes out ]

Then, the stage and theater begin to go dark…and dark…and dark…Then…V.O. a single, long wailing scream from “her” in darkness !!

[an intermission for Act II]

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973


September 7th, 2014 by George Martorano

My life….. The guard-in night

Comes blood , falls the glisten tear,

Where the cell-block melts light

I beg for moon and star,

I cry Heaven !….. Curse Hell !

Oh my love, my love ….. The guard-in night.

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973

SKY (part 2)

September 7th, 2014 by George Martorano

Sky sat there feeling a gust of cold wind embrace the room; the sound it carried was harsh, harsh as what was coming.

With an exhale, Sky rose, crossed the room, and roughly slides back the closet door. There, in the very corner were women’s clothes. Sky quickly reached for a dark-blue, tight-fitting dress, tossed it on the unmade bed, and went into the small bathroom.

In time….. the door covered in old chipped paint opened. A towel was wrapped around a beautiful body, a woman’s body. Sky began slowly to prepare. First to the drawer, lifting out sexy black panties and bra. Her arm slowly extends, pulling the dark nylons and garter belt. She looks in the mirror above the bureau, touches her eyebrows. Then she fishes in the drawer again. She lifts out something tightly clenched in her fist, and slowly her fingers open. There, is something silver in her palm…..lipstick.


Sky sat, deliciously dressed, in a chair, high heels on and legs crossed, yet, her blonde hair was longer, much longer from the hair extension she wore. Then Bobby was at the window….. Slowly he came in, his eyes constantly on Sky.

“You’re beautiful, Sky……”

“Did you get the car, the license plate?” Sky cut him off.

“Yeah. You look like you did in school. Remember when…..”

“Enough of that! Is Mean in the club !?”

“Yeah, playing cards. I seen ‘em right through the front window before I parked the car up Cl…..”

“What kind of car?”

“Oh, a black Ford Galaxy, four door, in the middle of the block. Just connect the wires near the steering wh…..”

“I know that,” Sky uneasily cut him off again.

“I’m sorry I’m getting you involved. I just ain’t ain’t got it to, to, you know, ‘off’ Mean Louie. And Sky…..”

“Shut up!” Sky stood, reached across the table and under a newspapers….. a gun. She opened her purse and there Bobby saw a black tube-like nozzle and keys. He didn’t know they were to safe-deposit boxes. Bobby’s eyes grew wide, seeing Sky screw on the silencer.

“Bobby?” Sky noticed he was thinking too hard. “Bobby!” She got his attention. “After tonight…..” ,Bobby had to look out the window, registering it was night,”I won’t be coming back, understand?”

…..He slowly nodded his head yes.

“Do you love Maggie?” He didn’t understand that. “Do you!?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Good. Here,” Sky said….. And Bobby sees her pull out a roll of cash from a bundle of faded blue jeans’ and an old shirt ,wrapped around with a wide marked-up belt. On the floor, a pair of Sky’s cowboy boots and the only items she must be leaving with.

“Here.” Sky tossed him the money “. Go get Maggie, leave this town and don’t come back. I won’t be here..”

“But I can help!”


“I can drive. Please Sky !”

“No!!” Sky stepped fast ,grabbed the front of Bobby’s jacket…. The boy stood there, afraid, staring into blue eyes that were ….cold ice.Sky just released him and put the business-pistol in the long purse, then picked up the bundle and boots. “Good-bye, kid. Remember, by tomorrow morning be on your way….. Mean Louie is,” she smirked.


“What?” Sky paused at the open door.

“I always loved you.”

“Sure, kid….. They all do.”

Bobby Green watches Sky’s lips curl up into a grin. Then, the old door just snapped shut. Now alone, some feeling left him inside….. He backs to a chair, set heavily….. runs the palms and his hands through his hair….. Then he gets up and hurries for the closed door….. pauses….. He finally turns the knob.

“…..Sky”. Only to whisper to emptiness.

[The End]

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973