Letter To The Forgotten god

May 20th, 2015 by George Martorano

Dear forgotten god,

I write thee this less-than-a-heart-beat letter, so sorry. Yet, do understand that even though you exist way and afar…. I, exist enclosed within steal and stone. And friend this is why I write today.

Forever so long it was told of me, that the lines of poetry I do, run deep. And I guess no one knows better than you . For your letters have the feel of the very beginning of hurt’s black and blue. So, let me get to it and relay of which only you can understand. For to write as I. I had to bear these ingredients:

1. No past record of any crime.
2. First offense, sentenced to living death.
3. First five years, caged into solitary.
4. Carve name on cell wall.
5. Death of loved ones, over and over again and again.
6. A Broken-Heart
7. Focus on endless appeals.
8. Writer of eulogies for prisoners.
9. Self-taught to teach to mentor.
10. 32 Christmas’s go by.
11. Create “hope” from eternal despair.
12. Run and cry. Cry and run.
13. Treat body to stay alive.
14. Pray.

So, there you have it forgotten god, old friend. The mixture that cause my lines of poetry to be born.

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973

Single Tear

May 17th, 2015 by George Martorano

Of mind, it gallops back to love and place….
Dark suit, candles at dine, lovely eyes,
Much more than the wine

The late hour, the perfumed lair,
sweet-hunger rushed…. soft breath,
slight rise of breast
Aah, the love nest

Enters…. the strange life,
Travels afar, soul intact….the lies,
Lies to her, not to he, the reward you see,
Oh, I thought of Heaven, Hell beckoned too
The roar of it all !
….Silent…. the fall

Now here, I write the words
A stillborn place,
Manacles the dream

I long for lips, thee after bliss
Where keys clang, tyrants at the door
Where I say, no. No more

So, I sit upon prison bench,
Alas, each day I try my best
All, is spent…. except, a single tear

By: George Martorano


May 17th, 2015 by George Martorano

There, lies a feather, you see,
Gray and light, oh, golden tip, how it attracts thee

Reach for it, want it, it only lies right there
Just a feather to bear, maybe to wear….
But to fetch it up…. you cannot do.
For you see it sway…. a breeze brings the gentle lift

Ahh, fair friend that feather tis heavy….
Pounds and pounds like a mountain-stone

You will never move it…. not alone,
no, to reach for it, want it, want it as it lies

You must turn. You must realize,
that learning…. learning…. a trust to understand

Such a simple feather
Will be impossible to lift !

Unless you change! Change, from within.

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973

Render The Thirst (Act IV)

May 17th, 2015 by George Martorano

SCENE: Our characters (Al-Frankenstein, Doris-The lovely Monster, Frankie-The released prisoner) are still in the underground, sewer lair….There is a hot tub now. In it, our Doris and Frankie. The bubbles bounce as the two giggle and touch each other sexually.There is a champagne bottle in a ice bucket nearby. Yet, who acts as the butler, standing at the ready, towel over forearm….is, Al….

DORIS: “Some more Al.” (she holds up the champagne glass)

FRANKIE: “….Me too.”

SCENE: Al, is not cool with all this. His monster face shows he’s angry. Yet, he pours the champagne….As he mumbles something….

DORIS: “….What’s that?”

AL: “Nothing, nothing.”

DORIS: “Then, shut-up!”

FRANKIE: [Big grin] “….Hey, now sweetheart that’s no way to talk to him. After all, he’s here to please, aren’t you, Al old buddy.”

AL: “Oh yeah, here to please.” [Al stares hard at Frankie]

DORIS: [Starts to get up, she wears a sexy bathing suit] “Well, I’ll go get ready, after all the night is still young.” [And she gives a quick kiss to Frankie]

SCENE: Doris steps out of the hot tub. Al quickly brings here her robe. She wraps it around her, gives a cute wave goodbye to
Frankie….And she exits….Both Al and Frankie watch her go.

FRANKIE: “Ain’t she a peach, hey Al, my robe want to go get dressed up too you know.”

SCENE: Frankie begins to stand as Al brings up his robe. Yet, the upset Al, quickly drops the robe, comes up behind Frankie and begins to push him back into the water….Hoping to drown him….Frankie yells for help, calling for who else….”Doris!”….Enters, quickly Doris still in her robe.

DORIS: [Shouts] “Al, Al! Stop it! Stop it right now!

SCENE: She pushes Al away. After all, she has super strength, if not even more than Al….Al flies backwards!

DORIS: [Points her finger at Al] “That’s three times this week you tried to kill Frankie. One more attempt and I’m taking Frankie and we’re out of here, you hear me, just one more time! Then it’s you and the sewer rats, forever, you hear me, forever. We’ll go go go. There’s enough gold and jewels down here to keep us going for a very long time.”

FRANKIE: [Surprised, hearing of wealth] “….Gold and jewelry?”

SCENE: Doris and Al give Frankie a concerned stare….After all, the gold and jewelry are decades old secret.

DORIS: “That’s another matter Frankie.”

FRANKIE: “Oh, I meant nothing by it, just curious.”

AL: “He’ll rob you first chance he gets. Your lover boy.”

FRANKIE: [Stands, reaches down for the robe, steps out of the hot tub] “Hey, that’s a lie, why why would I rob my girl, my best beautiful girl.”

AL: “She’s your only girl you mean, damn jail bird, she’s the first one you met. You you, I should of killed you in the park.”

FRANKIE: [In robe] “You see Al, that’s all you know, kill kill kill. When you gonna find the finer things in life.” [Frankie takes up the bottle of champagne and drinks....Then reaches for Doris and kisses her]

AL: [Sneers] “….Aah, geez!”

DORIS: “….Now you run along and get dressed Frankie, I feel like dancing tonight.” [She dances around a bit]

FRANKIE: “Okay my love, be right back.” [And he kisses her hand and exits, still swigging on the champagne bottle]

SCENE: Doris and Al….watch him go. Then, stare at each other….As if they are the first couple, and, the very last couple on earth….

AL: “You know, he’s using you, now he knows about the loot. He’ll try to search for it when we’re not around. If he finds it he’ll rob us, rob you and take off.”

DORIS: [in deep thought] “….Then he’ll die.”

AL: [Perks up] ….”Die?!”

DORIS: “Yes, I’ll hunt him down, take his life, nothing new to me or for you for that matter….”

AL: [Cuts her off] “Then let me kill him now, why….”

DORIS: [snaps at Al] “No! I want to live for a while, live up above.” [she points up] “For as long as I can. After all, there were lovers I had before, remember Al? Many many lovers, we’re hundreds of years old. No, I need a life, a woman’s kind of life….
Desire, beautiful clothes, theater, to dine to dance and a warm man. A living warm man.”

AL: “Yes, I am cold from head to toe. That is how the creator made me.”

DORIS: “Yes, our creator made us different. You the beast, the cold one. Yet, I once my women’s mind becomes as a living female, I, have the heat within me. The warmth so stays as if a small sun is above my forever beating heart. Giving the beat of love.

AL: “Yes, I am the unloved, you, the loved.”

SCENE: The two creatures that have known each other forever….Again stare into each other….Moments pass….

DORIS: “I’ll go dress now.”

SCENE: She exits….leaving Al all alone….He’s quiet some moments….Then moves forward stare out….And begins to sing.

“No one knows of my life
For I am the one created to be the loneliest
In this loneliness, I rage and roar
I make the blood flow upon life’s floor

“The years join till the end of time
For me never a poem to rhyme
No, just caves and alleys where I cry
Tears as cold as I

“No one knows of my life for I am the one created under a stormy sky
Not a kiss at night, not a kiss come dawn
Only a bed of stone, covers of straw
No food can I eat, no sweet drink
Just wanting and wanting as you all can see
Sorrow is very bit of me

“Yes, in this loneliness, I rage and roar
I make the blood flow upon life’s floor
Tomorrow I think I’ll kneel and say
Pray a prayer for any care that comes my way”

SCENE: As Al finishes his song….Enters, from left ,Doris, dressed in a beautiful silver-studded, white evening gown….Enters, from the right, Frankie, in a tuxedo….Al, backs up giving them space….The two of-late lovers….Look, hunger for each other!…. And, quickly come in each others arms.

DORIS: “Shall we depart darling?”

FRANKIE: [Taking up her arm to escort ] “But of course, my everything.”

SCENE: ….So, the dashing couple exit from the sewer, underground lair for a night out on the town. Leaving the monster, poor Al, to his lonesome.

AL: “Aah, geez… If they can dance…. so can I!”

SCENE; And, some lively music strikes up…. And, poor Al….begins to dance….. a little slow and off ward at first ….As he dances, two large, female Rodents, very sexy…… Enter….. joining in Al’s dancing [ after all, it is the sewer ]…. But, now it seems that with the added dancers, Al, come to… Life! And, he and the sexy rodents…. Really get down marvelously !

[ to be continued ]

By: George Martorano
Copyright : 12973

Render the Thirst [Act III]

May 5th, 2015 by George Martorano

SCENE: The released prisoner, ‘Frankie’ stands apart while Frankenstein, ‘Al’, and the lovely Monster woman, ‘Doris’, are whispering to each other in their sewer underground lair.

DORIS: [Separtes] “Okay, what was your name?”

FRANKIE: “….Frankie”

DORIS: “Yes, how strange, Frankenstein the monster, my Al, now we have….Frankie. Oh, and you’re fresh out of prison and oh my, already killed people.”

FRANKIE: “Just one” [points to Al] “He killed the rest.”

DORIS: ” Well, that’s what he does silly and now we are stuck with you….Hmn for the time being that is….”

FRANKIE: [Interrupts] “Say, this is like a bad, I mean dream. I thought he was in a costume, and and well are you the bride, I mean….”

AL: [Laughes] “….Bride, her!”

DORIS: [addresses Frankie] “Look at me fool, you think I’d marry that?” [points to Al] “Oh yes we had the same creator but I was created with man’s desire. Oh, I have my passions and joys, after all I can get about above” [she points up] “For I am the loved….And he, thee unloved.” [Hearing unloved, Al hangs his head in sorrow]

DORIS: [continues] “Yet, since we are eternal, we’re sort of growing at the hip, so to speak. And, of course he has his uses.”
[she grins]

AL: [perks up] “….Hmn, uses good.” [he makes out as if strangling someone]

FRANKIE: [touches his own throat] “….Oh boy.”

DORIS: [exiting stage] “Well, let me change into something more appropiate. I see how you’re looking at me. How long has it been, Frankie boy….That you had a woman?”

FRANKIE: [Watching how her hips sway] “….You mean, ah ah ,well, I ain’t married. Is that what you mean?” [but she is gone]

AL: [steps up close to Frankie, Frankie is in fear] “….I think I should have left you in the park with the rest of them.” [makes like he's snapping a neck]

FRANKIE: “Hey, take it easy. I mean, this is all a shock to me Al.”

AL: “She’s always vactioning, if you know what I mean.” [point up above] “And I wouldn’t fall for her if I were you. Her boyfriends don’t last so long. And I mean, soooo long.” [Al waves a goodbye to no one] “Besides I ain’t no lover boy.” [Al looks down at his crotch] “The creator missed something down there.”

FRANKIE: [sits somewhere] “You know Al, I feel like maybe I’ll wake up on my bunk and this is all some kind of a dream, I mean….”

AL: [speaks yet stares off] “No this is not a dream. For me one long life of lonliness.”

FRANKIE: “I can’t imagine.”

AL: “Imagine you say. How would you wish to kneel in deep prayer, down in man’s sewer. You hear yourself speak, ask the heavens to take you so. I’ve asked for centuries….Yet, I know heaven has not a place for me. For I have no soul….No soul.”
[Al bows his head in self pain]

FRANKIE: “Yes, I know something about prayer. Although my words were of a man, your’s only God knows, Only you and and her.” [Frankie points to the way she left]

AL “Her, her Doris has no words for the saints. No, she is the eternal joy unto herself.She needs no one. Me, I am for her beck and call. For without her the very very worst of lonliness….to the end of time.”

SCENE: enters Doris….dressed in a red evening gown showing a lot of leg from a high slit. She wears glittering high heels. She wears a necklace and ear rings….She is magnificent….Frankie, of course sees….Quickly stands in awe….While, Al just shakes his head from side to side. As if to say….not again.

DORIS: [points at Frankie] “Well, I’ll have to get you some nice clothes when we go out above. You know, dine, dance….Whatever.”

FRANKIE: “Above? But the cops will be looking for me, I mean….”

DORIS: [snaps her fingers] “Oh, in a few days things will cool off. You can grow a mustached, dye your hair. When I say above….I go! Right Al?” She turns giving a hard stare at poor Al] “I said, right Al?!”

AL: [succumbed] “….Right Doris.”

DORIS: “Now, how bout some music?”

SCENE: Doris steps to a component for music….On comes, tango music. Doris goes and grabs Frankie….Lo and behold they tango….Unbelievably dancing….And, as they dance poor Al….goes to a spot. There is a stone bench and hooks electrodes up to his neck….Some sparks fly….He is charging himself….Doris and Frankie continue to Tango….By the looks on each other faces, Doris and Frankie have the hots for each other. Then, they stop dancing….Yet, the music plays….And they kiss….I mean really really kiss….They part….Stare into each other’s eyes….Then Doris takes Frankie by the hand leading him away off and out of sight, to make love….Al, just sits, watches them disappear. He’s hurt of course but what can you do….For Doris, rules….Then the music stops….Moment of silence….

AL: “Yes, I am the unloved, she the loved, love for evermore [He begins to sing]….
“Just once in my chains.
Can love free me
I have no world
Only a dream

“Just once in my chains
Birds and sun call my name
Is this all that can be
Loneliness, darkness, curse and curse, I’ll never say free

“Just once in my chains
to laugh out loud, wave to the crowd
A friend, a cloud to know the normal hour

“Just once in my chains
can love free me
I have no world, only a dream

“Just once in my chains
to stand, shout
come for long lost love
….I remain

“Just once in my chains
I have no world, only a dream”

SCENE: Al finishes his song….Hangs his head in sorrow….Then, V.O. of laughter in the unseen background….The voices, of Doris and Frankie

[to be continued]

By: George Martorano
copyright: 12973