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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

It is almost morning. For ever so long I face sunrise. Here, on small-island of rock of no name. Just I, with forever chill pressing, forever gulls screeching…. You see, I was mounted high by Norsemen ages and ages ago. I, and constant birth of north-storms a-blowing…. And, I clang. Clang, so the long-boats will […]

Enter Any Room [ part 3 ] A Fictional Masterpiece

Friday, August 21st, 2015

It was warm out. I see they ain’t got guns, could have them hidden down around their ankles though, but there’s nothing that serious I did, except for the coke, but still that ain’t a killing offense. No, that offense, gets you this; ‘ you gotta give us some of ‘a cash or forget a’bout […]

Enter Any Room (Part 2) A Fictional Masterpiece

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

I always worked out. There was a fancy gym a couple blocks from the hotel. Across the street after work-outs, I stop in this lively club, so lively, it had action going on three different floors. Through a sweet, lingerie model I meet the so-called owner, Margo. We get to talkin’, he tells me he […]

Enter Any Room (PART 1) A Fictional Masterpiece

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

It was night, just the deep of it. I sat in a high back chair; my legs up, resting them on a window’s ledge….The sound and smell of Manhattan lazily stirred in, beyond and above up to the 14th floor where I sat, where my suite was…. Near my right hand, on a night-table, was […]

Thee Unbosoming

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

All was still. All was quiet. The sunlight beamed strong through the thick glass. I was bent over at first…. Slowly went to my knees…. That sun commanded itself all around “us” and what I stared at…. Looking so looking, at the unexplored, blue veld. A blue that I never saw nor could imagined. A […]