A Sad Taste

empty playground

I remember the first time it occured. We were locked down due to violence.

I was sitting alone, sealed in my cell. I was staring at my steel bunk. I started to remember when he was a child, my son that is. You see, he passed away at age 25 as the result of a motorcycle accident. I remembered all sorts of events, holidays, birthdays, and those quite moments, when it was just him and me.

Well, it was now time to get ready for my day. Some might ask, “get ready for what?, your locked up”. My body might be locked in here but my soul can still roam.

I go over to the sink and prepare to brush my teeth. The thoughts of my son still running, I sighed heavily. As I reached for my toothbrush, I looked at myself in the steel mirror… and watched as the tears began down my face, many came.

When they reached my lips, I parted them alittle… then more…

That was the first time I brushed with tears. I do it often now… I pray no other has to.

I will send this to John and Nikola to post right away, as today, I received word that many families, will most likely have this sad taste soon due to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. My thoughts and prayers are with all that have been affected by this tragedy.