“At LAST”…… Every night as I lay my head on my pillow, my last thought is not of my lonely brother in the dark steel cell
“AT LAST” ….. Every morning I don’t have to put on my armor of strength around my heart to function all day
“AT LAST” ….. The holidays and celebrations will not be depressing
“AT LAST” ….. Our mother can be whole again filled with joy and laughter
“AT LAST” ….. All the years of sadness and heartache are gone. Our family can live again
By Maryann Martorano Flahive (George’s Sister)
Of rain wets the hair
Of wind cast down the eyes
Of sun warms such skin

Of my heart…. one beat for me…. one beat for her


I truly wait for my sisters loving beat

(Written in glow of and for my sisters) GM