Back In Florida

Mind Set
So again very early this morning I ran around a half mile track and I did what was very difficult to do. I shut my mind off and just moved along in silent thought and breath. The sun and its heat tried to distract me. The breeze that did not come tried to distract me. The hellos from prisoners tried to distract me; yet I moved along and moved along. All I wanted was the pounding of my heart, the movement of my arms and legs, and I did not think. For a very long time I did not think. I began to move faster and faster and I began then to slowly drift into a long thought and closed my eyes and ran, hoping for a complete blackness to come, yet as always God and his gift of inner strength to me took over…..and then I felt the burn of the sun, the heat of Florida, the intake of the hot breeze, and my right arm came up to so many in waves of greeting ….. and I knew simply that I was a prisoner.

By: George Martorano