It is almost morning. For ever so long I face sunrise. Here, on small-island of rock of no name. Just I, with forever chill pressing, forever gulls screeching…. You see, I was mounted high by Norsemen ages and ages ago. I, and constant birth of north-storms a-blowing…. And, I clang. Clang, so the long-boats will not smash upon the hidden-rock within old-tide that roars below…. Yet, the Norsemen, their dragon-headed ships are past’s gone…. Only I, Bell, remains…. Here, always here with my prayer. I pray to be taken.Taken far away from the north. From its’ cold, purple mist, from its’ mean sea with its’ relentless charge of white-caps. Pray to be took for far’s distance, that not memory will miss nor seek my clang…. For I am long’s loneliness of placed-damned. For I am long’s endless night. Pure night of dark-blanket beneath dull, down-casted star. Even the curse’th fog lingers, blocking silent moon….Then, those come’th in parts, the mad stretch of time; where days, not knowing days go on attached to each other. Where sun knowing giving but a spot of yellow with nay warmth; there above, dim and hating down… hating down…. Come’th the worst misery; rain, weeks of rain! Wet! Whipped by more wet, wet cloaked upon me, wrapped against me with uncaring dawns….Ooh, I am old bell left to clang…. Ooh,I am old bell left to clang….BY God! By God! Even ‘His’ wind tears up into me; round and round it blows bringing pain bringing hurt straight to my very heart…..

‘But yes! And I say yes again!…. I, Bell, hear tell’th, say’th of one such prisoner. One placed as I. Whence he set’th free, shall come for me.. Yes!.. Shall come for poor Bell. Come and take me up ! Take me across vast sea. Away from ice, away from wind, away from horizon’s biting, bitter blue…. Here, yes here’th, my prisoner pray save me so…. Save me off. Off to pink, soft sand, to sweet, warm breeze..Aah, to clang ever slowly…..ever lowly…. Me, Bell…. That, my prisoner savior will mount Bell to watch….

‘Watch hippos waltz in the surf. Hippos, one two and three. Ooh me, yes, me Bell…. I shall clang for much joy…. Me, just me to watch.. Watch hippos waltz in the surf.’aYAcizW5ugygDYY0v5DWi0BH_nLiXqk2BwInVZU-fOTtGXPwqtHRw9gkKk9VXls-YvD45Q=s125

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973


To all and all ….Please be so kind and look for the finale of the on-going tale [ Enter Any Room ] in near future .Seems the hotel in story , had a fire ; all were evacuated and misplaced.. but just a bit … Once, main characters regroup ….Tale shall interestingly end ! I promise…. Thy, Professor Handsome Jack [ G. M.]