Cats In The Way

Prisoner O’ Me
It is weekend. It is when certain parts of the prison are crowded. It is when I go and find a spot to write away, cry away. As I do now, here, in an empty room in the prison chapel, I sit on the cool floor behind a certain book shelf. Before me is a tall barred window; beyond, the Florida forest. Yet, today there is a pause at times as I write. Before me on the outside and upon this window before me; struggles a kitten upon a steel bar, a cry away. All prisons, it seems have cats, kittens. This gray one has trouble. Trouble from a hawk. So it has climbed itself up. Yet, the hawk is detective, wants his man, and every time the beautiful evil fowl levels out his killing sweep….. I bang !!! Ever so loud upon the thick pane. I even untie my shoe string; stand on a chair enticing the kitten to climb higher; for up and up is more safe. A climbing, a cry away….. Finally, I cannot see the lovely flying brute, nor his circling shadow….. I relax….. The kitten fastly falls asleep, there, across one bar, one leg, paw dangling as it’s tail….. “Hey, Officer Chestly?” “What’s up Martorano?” “Hey uh, wonder if you could do me a favor?” “….. what?” And I smile for Chestly….. “There’s a gray kitten high up on one of the chapel’s outside windows; poor thing been stuck up there, afraid to get down; wonder if you could help?” “Sure, sure I’ll radio the parameter guard, no problem.” …..Now, I finish my write, “Prisoner O’ Me” back in my cell. I pray that hawk was not waiting; silent high on a prison light pole. So eying, ready to dive. Pray the kitten is safe somewhere, a cry away.

Yes, Prisoner O’ Me, what caged days can be. They take some ground, cut, build the walls going round and round. Fill it up with empty souls to be. Cry away, cry away, that’s all a prison day may be. Prisoner O’ Me, Martorano 12973….. “Hey, did you ever get that pleasant feeling. It comes when you are most alone. The such feeling tingles you so short and sweet, accompanied by a warm chill. Usually, when you look at your reflection….. Quick. You smile the pleasantness has climbed up your chest….. Well, that’s Prisoner O’ Me, Martorano 12973. You see, each and every day, I say….. “I love you,” it then sails across vast blue skies. Finding those to warmly tingle. Oh my. Just Prisoner O’ Me….. cry away, cry away . For love, for you, can always be.”
By: George Martorano
CR: 12973
Date: 6/2/12