Child's Tale Part 2

Title: More and Many (Part II)
“Well, well, the lovely Miss Molly, please have a seat.” And Molly sat down.
“Oh, Miss Overhill, get the young lady something cool to drink.” The judge began shooing her out as Molly sat ther adjusting her pretty polka-totte dress.
“My,my, your hair has lovely curls, you have a delightful face and…”
“Oh cut the crap judge you brought me up here for something, what is it …?”
The judge, hearing this, pointed his finger but nothing came out of his left open mouth.
“Here’s some iced tea,” and Miss Overhill entered and handed it to Molly. “I’ll be right out here if you need me,” and she was gone…
“Now see here little Miss Molly,” the judge finally composed, “what’s all this stuff about me in the papers and why is it all coming from you…?”
All the judge got was a long swallow and a smack from Molly’s pretty, puckered lips… The judges’ hairy eyebrows flew up…
“Cause, they like me. Cause I’m cute and because I don’t want my grandparents divorced!” And she snapped her head.
“Well, I’m only following legal proceedings child, your grandfather filed for divorce and I’m hearing the case…”
“But, nobody wants them divorced, not any Manymores do…!”
“Say, how many Manymores are there?”
“Well grandpop had fourteen children and there’s sixty two grandchildren, we’re all in the Courtroom, most of us are anyway… And, we don’t want grandpop and grandmom divorced!” , and her little hand slapped the chair’s arm.
“Well, I’ll make my decision after I’ve heard the whole case, and…”
“You’re not listening! If they get divorced, the whole family is gonna come apart !
That’s why I’ve been talking to those news people, so you’ll maybe go away, or something…”
The judge only shook his head, came around to the front of his desk, leaned on it, spread his arms…
“But, honey, legal, important legal papers have been filed. Why, I can’t walk away, go fishing so-to-speak, just because a little girl and more of the Manymores want their grandparents to stay together…”
“But, Your Honor, they love each other… honest they do,” and her eyes started to tear… “Now, we’ll have none of that,” and he took out his handkerchief and dotted at the drops. “Well, if they love each other so much, why the divorce?”
“Cause, cause, grandmom never shuts up and grandpop can’t take it after all these years, that’s what grandpop says, he does…”
“Hmmm, I see,” and the judge went to deep pondering…
“Then, all this is because grandmom Manymore is a yabber.”
“…..A what?” and Molly sipped her iced tea and hicupped…
“What to do, what to do…?” Judge Shortham began to pace.
“I know…!” Molly jumped up, spilling some of the drink. “There, there…” and the Judge whipped out the hanky again, wiping here and there…
“You can…,” and Molly began whispering in his ear as the Judge’s hairy eyebrows rose and rose…
To Be Continued…

By: George Martorano
CR: 12973
Date: 6-20-12