Child's Tale (The Finale)

Title: More and Many (Finale)
At the closing day of the Court Proceedings, the Courtroom was full of Manymores. Judge Shortham winked at little Molly, who was sitting up front.
“Well, I’ve decided what to do… I’ve heard enough from both sides. Today, I’m giving my decision on the matter…”
“But, your Honor…?!”
“Sit down counselor !”,the judge ordered one of the attornies.
“It’s the order of the Court that Evelyn Manymore and Leo Manymore will not be granted a divorce.” And the whole room went into a loud stir, including Gradpop Manymore. The Judge commenced to banging his gavel…!!
“Silence, silence ! Or, I’ll have all of you removed…! Now, that’s better. It is further ordered that Grandmom Manymore, I mean to say, Evelyn Manymore, shall have a gag – order imposed upon her for four hours a day, in regards to speaking to Leo Manymore, her husband,” and the whole Court went totally quiet, except Molly…. clapping away and the Judge winked at her again.
“What’s a gag order…?” Grandpop asked his lawyer…
“I’ll tell him, I’ll tell him!,” and Molly jumped up and ran to sit on her grandfather’s lap.
“It means that Grandmom can’t say a word to you for four whole hours each day.” Grandpop heard this, took some seconds to absorb it….. and a long grin appeared across his face.
“Did you have something to do with this Molly?,” her grandfather caressed her cheek.
“Oh no Grandpop I swear,” but Molly had her little fingers crossed…
I write these children stories for one purpose only. To create attention to the,….. All please be so kind and to interact in some way with C.W.F. for the concerns of children; my giving some kind of means or a portion of time…… And a true thanks to all.

By: George Martorano
CR: 12793
Date: 6-24-12