Education In The Federal Prison System

The Prison Teacher

Good day. For many, many may know, then not know…. I teach. I have been, forever so long. So much so, that, I have created, create a variety of lifestyle change courses. (see, Yet, I am enlightened of late. Yes, I’ve managed to uplift my self in and of my teaching ability…. I’ll explain. When instructing a class; of course the teacher is there before the students. He or she usually lays out in steps what one wishes to educate. One’s speech is direct of setting out a substance matter. What the students hear should be somewhat profound. What the teacher is asked, should have depth concerning the implementing curriculum…. So, again I state I have been teaching in American prisons, for decades…. Well, this year and I truly wish to share with those teachers in many class rooms, is, at times, to become.. “Student”. Yes, my fellow teachers wherever you are. Especially, those educating from behind prison walls. At times, just be a student. What I have taught myself, is, that in today’s times in prison the teacher must find better ways to be a self reaching innovator…. You see, that today’s younger prisoners, domestic or foreign; a lot have little education from a school room setting. They are educated with in the streets (form). Where a young person doing crime can make lots of money. So, in their minds, “who needs school”. And, my experience in prison class rooms the last few years, is, they are getting harder to turn around for the better…. So, what I have been doing, is, they see me teaching at the front of the class….Then sometime later, I am actually sitting in another classroom; writing down notes, raising my hand asking of this and that…. Just a student, same as they. They’ll then look at me with a renewed interest. They’ll then speak to me more openly. They’re smiles join mine as if really one of them. And, what it does ,is, truly open up a new form of mentoring. Also, what occurs, is, after the class is over, I and my now co-students stay and talk. We speak of what was expressed in the lesson, their views of course and most important , life-lessons for better change. And the great understanding change, of not being a repeat offender….. I absorb it in their eyes. Why, yes why, someone like me, a long term teacher, is now a student sitting amongst them. Of course my channeling words to them are, “I wish to keep learning, keep improving myself”…. Now, I am proud to state, in this confined-life-setting, I am a…. Teacher (slash) student.

By George Martorano