Enter Any Room (A Fictional Masterpiece)


When I enter the club, it was noisy, crowded. I quickly saw the hoods at the bar, more of them, and I knew that meant the boss was there.

One of them chinned up and I nodded yes and headed through the crowd for the back stairs. All those faces I passed didn’t sink in, only those hoods at the bar did….

Two were outside the office, one I already knew.

“….go ahead….” the other opened the door.

Margo was still in the chair, still tied and some fresh blood on him.

The boss that I knew, a well-dressed elder statesman of sort, welcomed me with a big smile and a kiss. I sat and we began to talk, drink.

He only wanted to talk about the war in Philly. It was like Margo wasn’t there, just an extension o the chair he was strapped in.

In time….”Oh, and this bum,” the boss finally pointed to Margo, “he’s your call. Throw’em out the fuckin’ window “. It was still wide open. “He was gonna rob you. You know you can’t take the club. It’s ours”. Yet he didn’t look to his men on the our’s part. And he was right. If I was stupid enough to give a quarter-mil to a club I couldn’t own; no matter what kind of legal paperwork I had; the loss was on me.

“….so go ahead. Throw’em out the window. Louie, give ’em a hand.”

One of the hoods quickly began to grab the chair. As Margo screamed…. They weren’t going to bother untying him. No, chair and all were going down next to that dumpster.

“…. hey, hey. Look, my money’s still wit’ me. No harm done.” I reached out and pulled the chair some. And by now another hood had a hold of it and at the same time was jamming a wad of paper in Margo’s yelling mouth.

“Alright, alright ! ” the boss waved them down.

By the looks of Margo, all sweaty and red, I thought he was dead already from a heart attack.

“Look “, I started, “I’m here only to lay low. Now I gotta move on. What say yew and me go have a drink downstairs, want’a talk to you ’bout somethin’ nice “, and I roughed my fingers together.. indicating money.

To make a long story shorter, Margo lived and I give a parting gift of fifty grand to the guy in New York. I figure a boss like that, come in handy some day; you know, me and him are thicker now. And call it just another day in the life of a wayward fella like me.


When I made it back to the suite….she was up, just sitting there in the dim of the room; sitting where that blue light cutting through the open drapes could find her.

I didn’t want to be in New York anymore. All I wanted was to beat it out of that town. Maybe head now to the airport ,bus station anywhere and whatever. First I’ll stop by Danny’s, let him know I was gone, gone for a long while. I let him have the limo, tell him to keep away from that club and selling drugs.

But, she is there, shoes off, dress wrinkled, and at times her hands choose to align her soft, light hair.

I stood there with a canvas bag full of cash…. She heard the zipper run, saw the wad of cash that silently sailed across the darkened room. A bundle of five grand landed near her hand.

“….suite paid for ’til Friday “, was all I said.

“….you’re one of them. Actors play parts, not you,” she spoke. All I did was grin.

“I don’t need it “, she picked up the money….I only shrugged my shoulders.

“I could love somebody like you…” she said it. And I wondered if it was a line.

“What’s your name?”

“You don’t want’a know”, I answered.

Her breast lifted as she sighed. “….bye”, she said.

I stepped for her…. reached down and caressed her cheek.. turn, tried to leave..” Kiss me “, she held my arm..I did.. Soft… long… Then… stared into her eyes….And left….Cutting through the suite with the with out sound. Not pausing opening the door.

As I headed down the long hall for the back, exit stairs….I did think of her, her looks, but when my hand turned the cold brass knob to the exit door, I only thought of my next destination…. Chicago maybe. Better yet. Lincoln, Nebraska; where there ain’t no Mob …. “Aah, forget a’bout it “.

{ the finale }

By:George Martorano