Enter Any Room [ part 3 ] A Fictional Masterpiece


It was warm out. I see they ain’t got guns, could have them hidden down around their ankles though, but there’s nothing that serious I did, except for the coke, but still that ain’t a killing offense. No, that offense, gets you this; ‘ you gotta give us some of ‘a cash or forget a’bout it ‘.

“Sure, I’ll go up….” ,and I went. When I noticed they didn’t watch every move I made or follow…. I knew the heat wasn’t really on me.

There was another one stationed out front of Margo’s office.

“You Eddy….?” I nodded yes and he opened up the office door.

There, inside, were two more, oh, and Margo; tied to a chair and his face busted up.

“It’s like this, Eddy. This bum sellin’ things he done own….”

“Who you’s wit’ ?” I quickly shot in, and I was quickly told what Mob family they were with. Also, I added up quickly that my visit to Newark with my old friend there; got quickly back to Brooklyn.

“What’a we do now?” I ask.

“Well, it’s like this”,and the bigger one starts explaining things to me ; ending up with, “we waitin’ on the boss, see.”

I knew who that was. I also knew I’m on my own here, ’cause I wasn’t getting nobody involved, like my main hood guy from Philly. So, all I could do was wing it and winging things could make a guy from another town; a guy who ain’t supposed to be here….Disappear. Disappear in either city. Especially when there’s bad problems, violent problems in your own town….It’s like this ; fellas got enough on their minds; no time for this or that ,so, one can get, how you say it, get cut-to-the-chase ….Dead. Plus, thank God these guys and their boss are ok with the Philly mob…. But, oh yeah ! And I mean, forget a’bout it ! That, can get tricky too.

Seems this Margo guy owed a lot of money and he didn’t even own the club ;they did…. I was also shown the wide, open window there in the office ;where four stories below was an alleyway where a dumpster stood. The two slowly ‘ explained ‘ what they were gonna do if the boss approved ;throw Margo head-first out the window; then scoop him up into the friggin’ dumpster.

“….oh?” I says, nice and easy-like.

But, it seems their boss couldn’t make it until much later. The guys in the office didn’t mind, no; all they did was switch with the ones down at the bar, so they could go party down there with the broads.

No use in me hanging around so I asked if I could come back.

“….yeah, it’a be best. After all, the boss heard ’bout yew, says yew’s a good guy. But yew meetin’ bout this joint, meetin’ bout a lot of cash and ain’t touchin’ base wit’ nobody don’t help any, get my meanin.”

Right then and there I knew they already got in touch with Philly and my troubles were growing by the hour.

“….so how ’bout midnight?” I asked when I should come back. I was told ok but one added, ”but don’t us have to come lookin’ for ya…. we know where Danny lives.” I knew if I didn’t come back; I was sending Danny straight to a local hospital ,most likely busted up real bad too and Danny didn’t even know who the hell I was.


And so, that’s the reason I’m sitting here, a little boozed up….eyes drifting easy-like through Manhattan night and along Manhattan skyline. Yeah,just sitting here with a top movie star sound asleep in my hotel bed….go figure.

I didn’t want to, but I did. I slowly turned my wrist to the right angle… and looked at my watch. The time was near, very near. I had to make the ten minute or so stroll to the club.

Some time ago, a long hour or so back, I should of went looking for a piece, not such a hard thing for a guy like me. Then I would be venturing up those long stairs to the office and the maybe-dead-or-alive Margo…. But armed.

I placed the glass of booze on the night table, bent forward, gave a glance at the rug, exhaled an headed for the bedroom.

She’s still here, except this time the covers were pulled back, her blonde hair lying upward .Ooh….and that blue, New York light sneaking in; a strange, wide line of soft blue across her face and neck…. Such a lovely sight.

I never really got to talk to her. She was drunk and she didn’t know who I was. When she awakens, she’ll not even know where she’s been sleeping.

“….crazy world, ain’t it Star?” I only said low.. and headed out.


You know, when a body is heading towards danger, seems everything is different. Why, a guy can see, smell and hear most anything….. Like I did walking along Third Avenue tonight.

The only thing that makes me feel a little nice was all that cash piled up in the closet-safe…. Cash, just a few feet from the boozed-up sleeping dreamy star.

[ to be continued ]

By: George Martorano