In the Indifference

I still have a heart to give,
of prison I must live to live
Mind and breath come before soul’s test,
my God my God insanity at the crest.

Events from hate opens the worst gate.
Steady boy steady remain as you do,
kiss the sky never feel blue.
Steel bunks will be, sleep sleep visions to see.

Freedom’s not a dream, she can be had.
Cry in secret, smile down the hall,
shine your shoes boy never crawl.
Think of love think where soft pillows fall.

Yes, I still have a heart to give.
Prison matters not what history says.
Ooh years bite, Christmas’s sting,
birthdays birthdays hang on a string.

Well, letters of love, perfume paper to smell.

Sucker, sucker dance to a song,
make believe she will follow along.
Touch that photo you long to see,
kneel down, hang your head, whisper and swallow the dread.

Love some longing today…..
yell out the cell window! How she drifts away.
Prison takes away it all,
but, I still have a heart to give.

Take it…and… allow me to live.

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973