Dominion over the prison night
I enter the defile of no depart
I care not a sneeze to know,
Of passion-blossoms or hate-weeds
Wane tills spilling into darksome life

Cell floor is where I stand
Peopled with cockroach, clock then stars,
Up my being they crawl and crawl,
Before my lips, for whisper, for fall,
No use crying out, no use at all

Dominion over the prison night
In the cell-block a cat strikes,
See him, know him, black as a dream,
Fur and screech, hah, try catching wind
Flesh locked away, leaves mind to dwell

Narrow my eyes, channel thought,
Fist at my side, love had its’ good bye
Dominion over the prison night…
They rumor me king,
Crowned in castle called “thing”

Best to die on the ledge,
To jump, why fill my head
Shoulders back, teeth set,
Saddled years back, oath years ahead

I live the world, emotion naked yet poorly fed
Once king over sighs’ sweet
The worst shade of blue came true,
Just to I through and through

My dominion lust only for me
Dominion over the prison night
Come this way, unbutton your blouse,
Aah “baby” remember to wipe.. your.. feet

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973