Letter To The Forgotten god

Dear forgotten god,

I write thee this less-than-a-heart-beat letter, so sorry. Yet, do understand that even though you exist way and afar…. I, exist enclosed within steal and stone. And friend this is why I write today.

Forever so long it was told of me, that the lines of poetry I do, run deep. And I guess no one knows better than you . For your letters have the feel of the very beginning of hurt’s black and blue. So, let me get to it and relay of which only you can understand. For to write as I. I had to bear these ingredients:

1. No past record of any crime.
2. First offense, sentenced to living death.
3. First five years, caged into solitary.
4. Carve name on cell wall.
5. Death of loved ones, over and over again and again.
6. A Broken-Heart
7. Focus on endless appeals.
8. Writer of eulogies for prisoners.
9. Self-taught to teach to mentor.
10. 32 Christmas’s go by.
11. Create “hope” from eternal despair.
12. Run and cry. Cry and run.
13. Treat body to stay alive.
14. Pray.

So, there you have it forgotten god, old friend. The mixture that cause my lines of poetry to be born.

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12973