So be it. Label me free. And there is many movements of clock’s day. Movements all with; taste, touch, smell, sound and sights anew. So much so that I breathe deep, I have to, to go through the day’s movements. To see just the blue eyes of a girl across the sunlit way, tis like a pleasant stab to eye and mind. Oh then there’s the laughter of running children, hair that flies, a palm trees waves… and I breathe. Yes, the movement of free day. In truth, what can I say.

I say’th thus. no-one caged on planet earth has taught and graduated more prisoners in lifestyle change classes than I. Yet, as I write this I am at a loss within your free world, with its so fast technology. But, God has sent someone. My loving niece Nicolina. Sh,e is part of heart as my daughter Francesca. This niece is my teacher, with cell phone, computer and much more…. She is lovely. She has special needs…. She holds my hand, talks so, guides me so and shows me after 32+ years in the world of steel and stone. She smiles, she understands my not understanding. She cares as she kisses my cheek.

Prison is a brutal place. It is of security period. No, free prisoners especially those like I who have languished in cells are truly at a loss as if once free placed upon a barren land. America there are thousands like me who do not know the simplicity or the complex of current technology…. For we are not allowed to learn period. And yes there are some basic computer use yet nothing of what I have been experiencing the last few weeks with Nicolina.

While walking under sun-filled day and passing a church. My Nicolina stopped…. She placed her palms together…. “Dear God, thank you bring my Uncle George home, THANK YOU.”

By George Martorano 11/1/2015