“Hello is this Daniel the reporter that I am speaking to? Oh good, my name is Newt New Holy and I heard that you are doing a story on George Martorano and I like to give something to the story……Oh good…I can. Well, you see my job is as a bucket- man. I’ll explain. My job’s station is above George’s heart. When and it is at rare times George gets a feeling that he must weep, and so I lower the bucket down to the center of his heart and bring up the warm tears of sad feeling. Then I rush; scramble up and up hauling the bucket with me to George’s then sad eyes. Now don’t get me wrong; for I have seen George do the manliest of things, but being a man as all men of true feelings must do, he has his dark days, and I know he is labeled a prisoner but prisoners are human beings too. Anyway, that is why I am calling; for my duties have been getting harder at times for both I and George have been in many cages for many of years both getting on in this harsh gray life of the 4th world. Also, it is good to let the world know that George has a good friend in me, the bucket-man.

Newt New Holy, the loyal bucket-man