The Bare Embrace { 1908 }

‘My name is Mary. I am far far from home, England. Now, I sit in sand, a world of sand. And write this, I must ! After, I will just toss the letter to the air. Let the desert wind take it. There is no sea here, no bottle, its’ cork, for the letter to float along ,be found from fate then read. No, let the desert’s wind take it forever away. You see, the tomorrows are not mine any more only this, this and him.

‘My name is Mary. My husband and I came to the desert in a foreign land, to visit, for business. I first saw ,him, in the local eatery as we dinned. Nathan, the handsome, desert soldier, an American, enjoying himself with legionnaire friends. Our eyes met, after that….I could not stop looking at him. In a short time , with life’s strange, wheel of intervention, we became lovers. I shall not, will not live without him. So, my husband discarded me. So, I sit on this part of earth’s ageless, desert floor and write; wait for him on march-patrol to come back, come to me.

‘My name is Mary. It is night. The few electric lights of the small town are there in short distance. The bed in the small room waits. Like I wait, wait for his lips, arms, touch,oh the touch. I dress is as the poor bohemian. For I am a person that Love has destroyed, yet reborn. Born as a single flower in endless sand. When I am with him. Lover. I do not care. His kiss is life.

‘My name is Mary. As I finish this letter. The warm desert wind must know. It sands blow harder, my hair whips, eyes forced downward…. I stand, hold the letter out with finger tips…. My heart beats….” Nathan, Nathan “…. And the paper lifts, flips and sails sails away…. ‘

“My name is Mary
Where nothing lives….
Love grows

Where nothing lives
Sweet sweat in the night
His heart commands,
To knees I fall,
the, LOVE, conquers all

My name is Mary”

By: George Martorano
Copyright: 12972