Thee Unbosoming

All was still. All was quiet. The sunlight beamed strong through the thick glass. I was bent over at first…. Slowly went to my knees…. That sun commanded itself all around “us” and what I stared at…. Looking so looking, at the unexplored, blue veld. A blue that I never saw nor could imagined. A blue at first, was just blue….Yet, within long moments that blue became another shade and another shade and so forth and beyond….With those moments tiny objects began to appear upon the changing blue…. Came specks of black and they began to move as if the smallest of arms…. Beckoning, beckoning….. The sun, oh, that sun was the wand that brought the magic…. When a tint of yellow started in. I knew what I saw, I would never see again. Yes, those two, two blue creations were there all “alone”; a separation from all that remained of a single-history; alone, revealing naked and looking out. Looking, searching for the center of me; dots narrowing into me. There, yes there upon a patch of caged earth. A tight realm of stillness; yet my mind-moving, mind-shifting to the very hallow of all human thought…. As I continued to be amazed with a-wondering, a-connecting. That not only could-this-happening-blue, could be of “thus”; thus of green, of brown, of green and gray, of brown and gold, of many of the small world of color, color to drift in ; swallowed in, last, be lost in. And all one had to do, tis, be trapped in man’s built hell. Trapped just at the right sadden-time; a time…. “soul” departs.

“Get back Martorano, get back”!

“Must be a heart attack, he’s not breathing “! Said the other guard.

I stood back as was ordered…. They placed Ralph on the orange stretcher….And gone gone….

“Did you apply CPR Martorano?”

“….yes “.

” Then what was you staring at ? ”

“….his eyes “.

“….eyes ” ?

“To marry the soul “.

By George Martorano