wish for or not wish for

Dust of Love
Come now, gather to me. Stand all before the cell bars, listen and see. Maybe, with time you’ll remember me…..
Now heed what I say never will come such a day. Thy words, you will hear come from me, yes, in voice but the meaning; oh God I have no choice …..
Love you’ve heard and felt of course. Yet, not know of the grand of lost. Now what of me….. and here I go…..Love comes to all and all. First with a look, well time spent, and yes the touching. Love came; was good then grayed. Then all you did was
make it gay. Of, last , you acted out a play. So wishing for, still of love’s great day.
Now, what of me; prisoner in cell three. Years and tears locked away from lovely she. She who dropped from mind. Sailed away from heart. Oh this cage, this cage, for ever apart.
Yet, bless I. It’s the dust you see. It’s there always lying with every breath of me. It’s dust that’s left when all else is gone. A layer so thin, thin always within. Can’t wipe it away, can’t pray it’s delay. Just love’s dust upon thee. Of which only lonely Angels can see. And I, oh yes I see it clear. Come kiss of dawn. Come peck of night. It’s there. It’s there. Dust and this cage.
Dust of love, my, have I come to this stage….. What of me. Oh, what of me.

By: George Martorano